Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs)

The primary goal of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School is that our graduating students will have achieved the capabilities outlined in the SLEs, so that we may, as a school community, say that OLFCS students are:

1. Active Christians Who Are Able To:

  • pray using memorized and spontaneous prayer and to participate in the liturgy
  • serve others in their daily life
  • show respect for self, others, God, Church, authority, property, and diversity.
  • make a commitment to the Church.

2. Lifelong Learners Who Are Able To:

  • demonstrate a strong foundation in the basics of all subjects
  • read for enjoyment and learning
  • participate in extra-curricular activities and/or fine arts activities
  • use technology for learning, communication, and enjoyment
  • use study skills, research skills, and “real life” financial skills effectively
  • recognize the importance of good health choices

3. Effective Communicators Who Are Able To:

  • speak publicly with confidence and poise
  • express written thoughts clearly, using correct grammar and mechanics
  • demonstrate listening skills, good manners, and etiquette for all occasions
  • express thoughtful opinions

4. Self –Evaluators Who Are Able To:

  • plan, set, and work toward goals effectively
  • assess own work for completeness, correctness, and overall quality
  • demonstrate self-control, responsible behavior, and take responsibility for actions
  • assess own strengths and areas for improvement

5. Problem Solvers Who Are Able To:

  • work independently and collaboratively to create solutions
  • resolve conflicts peacefully
  • analyze, consider alternatives, and make good, effective, and morale choices
  • think critically
  • respect different points of view and perspectives
  • utilize leadership skills