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Why do parents choose a Catholic education for their children?

“Our greatest responsibility in life as parents is raising our children, guiding them to be honorable citizens and to pursue a life following Jesus’ example. Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, is dedicated to working with parents, in order to achieve these same goals for our children.”

"Sending our daughter to Catholic School instills the morals, values, and education needed for her to excel at every point in her life through faith and academics."

"I value education and believe children are being left behind in the public school system. In general, you get what you pay for. I have been so glad that we choose to enroll in Catholic school despite the cost. When the stay-at-home order began, our teachers adjusted and continued teaching where other schools did not. With our school open and others still closed, I am happy that my children are in school, in person where they are getting an experience tied to learning as opposed to staring at a screen."

"OLF has organized, expert, rigorous, yet considerate education. Secondly, in the end schooling is about the children and families, and it’s been proven that OLF has provided the education for the kids-- even while distance learning. Having the privilege of going to a small school where the teachers & administrators know the kids and family on a personal level is priceless and very advantageous because life and works becomes easier, kinder and efficient. Lastly, teaching and exposure to religion and the Catholic faith on a consistent basis helps build the memories and foundation."