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Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School students are given many opportunities to develop and display their leadership abilities in both formal and informal ways. Leadership development occurs in classrooms and through various activities as students build relationships with others, work side-by-side on group projects, and learn effective communication strategies through formal presentations.

As a testament to our commitment to leadership development at OLFCS, we have participated in the Msgr. De Groot Leadership Awards promoted by the Diocese of Stockton. These awards were established by the DeGroot Family in honor/memory of Msgr. James DeGroot. Each year, up to twelve students from grades 4-8, are selected to be recognized for their demonstration of positive Christian leadership and are honored at the Cathedral along with other student leaders of the Diocese.

Student Council

The Student Council is comprised of officers and representatives with teachers as moderators. The Council encourages responsible decision making, coordinates activities for grades K-8, encourages a sense of respect among students for those older or younger than themselves, gives students a wider view of the world by providing opportunities to work on projects to assist others as well as themselves, strengthens school spirit, and develops leadership potential among the students.

Eighth grade students may serve as President and Vice President; seventh or eighth grade students may serve as Secretary and Treasurer. Third through Eighth grade also elect representatives for each grade level.

Boy & Girl Scouts

Starting in first grade, students can join the scouting program. Like so many programs at OLFCS, the scouting program is also steeped in history and tradition. The various scout programs and groups help students achieve their full potential by developing self-confidence, leadership, respect for others, and a commitment to service.